About RPA…the Advocate for Excellence in Nephrology Practice

Since 1973, the Renal Physicians Association (RPA) has been dedicated to representing and serving nephrology practitioners in their pursuit and delivery of quality renal health care. RPA is a non-profit 501c6 national nephrology specialty medical association.  It has grown to more than 3,500 members serving kidney patients nationwide. Our programs focus in the areas of practice management, public policy and quality patient care. We are the voice of nephrology practice and a committed advocate to the renal community, payers and federal policy makers. Our membership is comprised of physicians, physician assistants, advanced nurse practitioners and practice managers. These nephrology healthcare providers are engaged in diverse activities, including the practice of medicine, teaching, research, administration and they are devoted to improving the care of patients with kidney disease and related disorders. We provide timely and relevant programs along with current nephrology tools and resources to make certain our members maintain their highest level of professional satisfaction. 

Our Strategic Direction

Our Vision 

RPA is the recognized advocate for excellence in nephrology practice.

Our Mission 

RPA represents and serves the interests of nephrology practitioners in their pursuit and delivery of quality renal health care.

Our Core Principles 

RPA strongly believes in:

  • Facilitating high quality, efficient, and ethical renal care
  • Promoting the leadership role of the nephrologist in defining renal care policies and practices
  • Advancing professionalism—honesty, integrity, accountability, and adherence to scientific principles
  • Ensuring equitable compensation for quality care
  • Recognizing that the intersection of accountability and quality is an important and necessary component of excellence 

Our Strategic Priorities 


RPA is the definitive advocate for nephrology practice influencing economic and public policy, representing the collective voice of practicing nephrologist. 

Professional and Business Success

Nephrology practices will have the tools and knowledge to achieve professional and business success. 

High Quality Patient Care

Nephrology practices will have the mechanisms to deliver high quality, safe patient care in an economically feasible manner. 

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